We continue to live our profession as true artisanship. The best ingredients, an abundance of expertise, and a lot of passion make our creations the exquisite and unique delights that our customers love so much. We use local products whenever possible. For example, we only use fresh milk and cream from the Gstaad dairy.

Our chocolate products are made with only the best Grand Cru chocolate. We use chocolate with various cocoa contents depending on the exact recipe, as well as chocolate from different countries of origin, such as Madagascar, Ecuador, or Bolivia.

Cream slices

Cakes to order

Fresh cream truffles


Chocolate gifts

Mille-feuille au chocolat

Chocolate cake

Smoked salmon

Cream slices

Exquisite cream between crispy layers of puff pastry

The subtle vanilla flavor of the fluffy cream stays true to the traditional recipe, the only difference is in the pastry assembly. The new method results in less contact of the cream with the puff pastry, which in turn ensures that the puff pastry remains crispy. It also stays airier since we only put the pastries together after cutting the components.

We have replaced the icing with a small amount of confectioners' sugar, which makes our cream slices lighter as well as more wholesome and delicate.


Cakes to order

Cakes for all occasions

Events come in all shapes and sizes - and so do our cake creations. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, company anniversary, wedding or other happy event, we can create the perfect cake to suit your requirements and imagination.

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Fresh cream truffles

With the best cream from the Gstaad dairy

We only use pasteurised cream from Saanenland cows in our truffles. As a matter of principle, we do not use UHT-treated cream products or any additives. For this reason, our truffles only have a short shelf-life.

But they don’t stay on our shelves for long.


with delicious caramel and honey from the region

The Lauenenbach is the stream that feeds into and out of the well-known Lake Lauenen. A natural paradise like no other. This is where we develop ideas for this chocolate speciality and we are convinced that it is every bit as exquisite as the beauty surrounding Louibach.

Made with honeyed caramel from Saanenland honey and local cream.

A true pleasure - and the perfect gift.

Chocolate gifts

Whatever you want and whatever your taste - all wrapped up

Does anything give greater pleasure than a delicious personal gift made of chocolate? Let us inspire you. Bring us your ideas and we will use our expertise and huge selection of the best quality ingredients to turn your dreams into reality.

Mille feuille au chocolat

light as a feather & gluten-free

This speciality is light and easy to digestand, being gluten-free, is suitable for everyone.

Available in various sizes as a desert or decorated cake.

Chocolate cake

made from the best Madagascan couverture, 64%

Our famous, light chocolate cake is made with a delicate mousse made from Madagascan chocolate (64%).

Naturally, with the finest cream from local cows. Decorated to order.

Smoked salmon

The finest Scottish smoked salmon

Our smoked fish products are home-smoked,fresh and marinated with herbs.

Our premium product range is fresh and freefrom preservatives.

We smoke the best Scottish farmed salmon(quality red label), wild salmon (Sokeye) from Alaska, char from Iceland and rainbow trout from Switzerland. This ensures we have full control of provenance and manufacture, so that we can offer you products of the highest quality.

Come in and taste for yourself.