We continue to live our profession as true artisanship. The best ingredients, an abundance of expertise, and a lot of passion make our creations the exquisite and unique delights that our customers love so much. We use local products whenever possible. For example, we only use fresh milk and cream from the Gstaad dairy.

Our chocolate products are made with only the best Grand Cru chocolate. We use chocolate with various cocoa contents depending on the exact recipe, as well as chocolate from different countries of origin, such as Madagascar, Ecuador, or Bolivia.

Cream slices

Exquisite cream between crispy layers of puff pastry

The subtle vanilla flavor of the fluffy cream stays true to the traditional recipe, the only difference is in the pastry assembly. The new method results in less contact of the cream with the puff pastry, which in turn ensures that the puff pastry remains crispy. It also stays airier since we only put the pastries together after cutting the components.

We have replaced the icing with a small amount of confectioners' sugar, which makes our cream slices lighter as well as more wholesome and delicate.


Smoked salmon

The finest Scottish salmon

We use only the best salmon from Scottish cultures awarded the coveted "Label Rouge" quality seal. After delivery, the fresh salmon is marinated for two days in an herb-vegetable mixture, giving it its special aroma and texture.

We use absolutely no additives or artificial flavors.

We have recently added locally-sourced, cold-smoked salmon trout to our range of offerings.
Always worth a try.